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Who We Work With

Our Partnerships

Hungry for Life

Hungry for Life International works alongside churches, community groups and businesses to reach out to global communities in need and help transform lives.  

Hungry for Life is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, facilitating and acting as the charitable  liaison for our Voice of Hope group with our partners in Kenya. 


Jason: As Director of International Operations, Jason oversees a team of project managers and international projects working in 14 countries. He has led numerous teams to the majority of our partners since he began working with Hungry for Life in 2015.


Lauri: Lauri is the Hungry for Life Project Manager for the projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Guatemala.  She works closely with our Voice of Hope groups and is our liaison to our field partners in Kenya. Lauri also brings many years of experience leading and advising teams.


Voice of Hope works closely with Hungry for Life staff, Jason Krul and Lauri Alward. We’ve become a strong team, working together with likeminded love and passion to bring hope and the love of Christ to those in need. 

Everlyne Imbenzi

Everlyne Imbenzi is a Community Development Officer and works as a international partner in Kakamega and Nairobi as well as the Siaya district.

Everlyne has been working with the Voice of Hope Women’s Projects in Kakamega and Yogo, and with Shiphra Centre in Nairobi. 

Everlyne is an amazing team player, her efficiency and excellent work ethic propels the Voice of Hope projects forward. Her job includes purchasing, sorting and distributing monthly food hampers for 76+ families and tuition needs for over 150 students. Her phone is constantly ringing and you will find Everlyne problem solving, arranging medical appointments, assisting a widow in distress and numerous other tasks. She handles each situation with respect and with loving kindness.


She communicates regularly with the Hungry for Life project manager, provides reporting, and conducts regular onsite visits to monitor project activities. 


Aggrey Mudi

Aggrey Mudi is our ‘boots on the ground’ in the Kakamega area where the majority of our widowed ladies live.  


Aggrey was hired in 2019 to assist and work with Everlyne, our community development officer.


The Voice of Hope team has the privilege of visiting all our women and their families two or three times a year.  Aggrey lives in their community. He is a just a phone call away; ready to assist in multiple tasks.   Aggrey will sort and organize the many food hampers and together with Everlyne every home is visited at minimum on a monthly basis.  Aggrey monitors school attendance and performance; assists in managing home repairs and is quick to attend to a medical call. 

Catherine Oduor

Catherine Odour lives in the Yogo area of Kenya.  Catherine is young, vibrant and has a beautiful relationship with the widowed ladies in the Yogo area.  She visits each lady and their family on a monthly basis and reports to Everlyne Imbenzi, our community development officer.  Catherine is a registered nurse and her expertise is a huge asset.   She also monitors the children’s school attendance and performance.

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