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  • Community Development

    < Back Community Development An important aspect of the work of Voice of Hope has been to fund clean water wells and facilitating piped water access. We have also focused on proper sanitation with new latrine and wash house facilities, improvements to existing homes or as needed the construction of new homes. We have also been able to facilitate adding some classrooms to an existing school. Four water wells have been funded though Voice of Hope in the Kakamega district. Safe clean drinking water is a luxury in rural Kenya. Women and children often bear the burden of walking miles each day to find water in streams and ponds, full of water-borne diseases that is are making them and their families sick. Illness and the time lost fetching water is significant. With safe water, clean hands, healthy bodies; time lost is dramatically reduced. Good functional latrines (outhouses) and a private bathing space is such a blessing for our women. It was not uncommon for our women to share that before she they received their latrines, they were taunted because they did not have bathroom facilities and were forced to use the neighbouring bushes to relieve themselves. Taking a ‘bath’ was also very difficult. Many of our women would wash outdoors in the dark of night, hoping that no one would walk in on them. All of our ladies have a wash ‘stall’ beside their latrine where they can wash themselves with privacy. Home improvements are on the ‘to do’ list for every widow that joins our program. Sometimes her home will be so dramatically dilapidated that a new home will be constructed for her. Our goal is to be sure they are comfortable and secure; that each family can proudly feel like their house is their ‘home sweet home’. Donate Project Gallery

  • Widow Care

    < Back Widow Care Many women living in sub-Sahara Africa are subject to a wide range of plights and deplorable conditions. This is intensified immensely following the death of a spouse. Voice of Hope provides assistance to 80 women and their children or grandchildren in rural Kenya who find themselves in these conditions. As widows move through their own experiences of grief, loss, or trauma after the death of a spouse, they may also face economic insecurity, discrimination, stigmatization, and harmful traditional practices on the basis of their marital status. They struggle with food; at best, most live on the edge of hunger. They struggle with insecure shelter. Having their land taken by in-laws and distant relatives is not uncommon. They struggle with the woeful lack of access to adequate health care and consistently good education for their children. Mothers, by their very nature, long to provide well for their children. Often, this is the biggest challenge our women face. Sadly, due to the high incidence of premature death in adults, many of our women have buried children. Some have buried many children. This leaves an aging grandma to care for her grandkids. An example of this is Grandma Margaret: Margaret R. is a sweet woman who, at the age of 76 years, we’d expect to see loving her grandchildren from a rocking chair. Instead, due to the death of her son and the hardships her other adult children face, Margaret labours as a full time grandma to six of her grandchildren. While the task of providing for these little ones is daunting, Voice of Hope offers assistance, allowing Margaret to provide food and education for her family. Donate Project Gallery

  • Medical Support

    < Back Medical Support Access to medical care has been a game changer for our women. Living such hard lives, often performing heavy, manual labour in the fields, brings with it a toll on their physical bodies. Consuming a diet low in nutrients but high in empty carbohydrates and drinking polluted water often leaves their bodies riddled with parasites and water borne diseases. Unable to fight off the many maladies like h-pylori, malaria, HIV and many other tropical diseases. Many of our women suffer from high blood pressure or other ailments, and yet they persevere through their hard labour day after day in the fields. In the Kakamega region, Voice of Hope has teamed up with a local doctor and nurses who have a heart for our women. Dr. Isaac makes home visits to assess our women. We have also hired a home care nurse, Lillian, with professional skill and a kind heart. She visits all our women who have medical issues. In the Yogo area. Catherine, our field partner, teams up with Jacob Odour. Both are very capable nurses who do an amazing job of assessing and making appropriate health care plans for all of our women in this area. Consistent medical care has had a huge positive impact for many of our widows. Take for example Helida. Helida is an elderly widow with congestive heart failure and significant problems which accompany this. Medications are just a confusing muddle for her with risks of missed dosages. Having medical guidance relieves some of the stress of this burden for her. A caring and listening ear, someone to sort out meds that often confuse our older women, and the knowledge to proceed with medical intervention has brought relief and improved health to all of our ladies. Donate Project Gallery

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  • God be with you till we meet again

    Farewell Kenya, …God be with you ‘til we meet again. Tonight we bid good bye to our dear Kenyan partner and friend, Everlyne. Amidst our eagerness to return to our families, there were tears but also gratefulness for this beautiful woman who daily works so diligently serving with love and dedication caring for the widowed women and children that Voice of Hope supports. Everlyne is joined in this task by Aggrey in the Kakamega area and Cathy in the village of Yogo. Aggrey and Cathy also bring so much to the care program as they live and know their perspective communities. They all serve with the needed understanding of their people and culture. Their respect and sincere love for each and every precious individual is such a blessing. Since its beginnings, Voice of Hope has focused on strong relationships and sharing the beautiful truths of God’s Word as we befriend and serve. The Lord has provided these godly partners to carry out this mandate each and every day. In a few hours we will board our plane and head to our homes. We thank the Lord who has protected, guided and cared for us all every step of the way. “And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

  • Growing Together

    by Elyce Galmut It feels like we just landed but our time here is already coming to an end. As we contemplate the past two weeks we are overwhelmed by how many beautiful people we have met and the connections that have grown over the years of coming here. One woman described the fear she first felt when meeting Voice of Hope for the first time. That fear has been replaced by warm hugs and the sharing of stories, she is now comfortable enough to welcome us into her home. Today we visited Shiprah Children's home. We were brought to tears when the children sang a beautiful song about being welcomed into the family of God. We enjoyed hearing them individually recite memory verses and continue to be impressed with their English skills and Bible knowledge. It was a joy to have the opportunity to bring KFC to supplement their lunch! As we prepare our hearts for leaving this place we have been blessed with the opportunity to see God's beautiful creation through a safari, we've seen so much already but we're all hoping for a glimpse of cheetah cubs in the morning! Mungu akubariki (God bless you), Elyce

  • Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow

    by Janet Les Greetings from Siaya, Kenya!  We joined in a lively worship service this morning and later had a blessed time of praise and thanksgiving at Monica's home. Monica is not literate but knows God's Word well. Psalm 91 is especially precious to her. Monica has suffered much rejection in her life but her words and life continually praise God for His goodness. We were all touched by her humble and generous spirit. We also visited three widows in their homes in Siaya, sharing scripture and singing together.  A lovely drive to the Seje community water project and school took us past the Equator, which makes for a nice photo op.  Rain threatened much of the day but we never got wet and enjoyed beautiful cloudy skies and a rainbow.  God's grace and promises are so amazing! One of our great friends and blessings in Kenya is our driver Tom. He drives us to numerous locations each day without ever getting lost on identified trails and roads. Then he waits patiently with the van, keeping it clean and safe until we return.  Putting up with our antics and teasing is part of the job description. Tom has even learned to like Dutch licorice candy!  We thank God for this kind godly man. And so ends a wonderful Lord's Day in Kenya as our friends and family start their Sunday in Canada. May it be a blessed day for you too!

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