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  • Shiphra Centre | Voice Of Hope

    < Back Shiphra Centre We work with a childrens’ home called Shiphra Centre in Nairobi. Thanks to your compassionate and generous donations, this little home has been receiving help with student tuition for many years. Martha Njeri has a generous heart, a lovely smile, infectious laugh, and a deep faith. Her home is warm and welcoming and the children are happy and well looked after. There are upwards of 90 children attached to the home, ranging in age from infancy to late adolescence. She also cares for mothers with babies who are in transition situations. Martha grew up in a nominal Christian home. She explained the troubles and problems she encountered in her family, in her marriage, and on the street; she asked the Lord to speak to her and reveal Himself. Her 'test' was that she needed a word from the Lord to not go back to an abusive man who had fathered her children. He spoke through Psalm 57. At that time, she realized she wanted the power of faith, and not just the form of it; she wanted the faith and perseverance of Daniel, and anyone who knows her, sees that she has found it. Martha knows what it is like to be a neglected child, to grow up poor and to have no food or education. Now that she had become an adult and had a strong relationship with the Lord she wanted to find a place in her community. She felt led to help children who were in situations like she had been. At first, Martha would just look after children where they were on the street, providing food and love, but she began to see that the next day they were in the same place with the same problems; in 2006, she began to take them into her home. Shiphra was a midwife in the book of Exodus, who refused to follow Pharaoh's genocidal instructions. It is said that Shiphra was one of the earliest, and in some ways the most powerful examples of resistance to an evil regime. This is an appropriate name for this home, as Martha is a powerful example of love and resistance to the status quo of child neglect in her community. She has earned a strong reputation in the community, with government workers, doctors, and police officers. The home has a board of community members that are passionate about caring for her and the children and helping her in her work. Martha feels so accomplished when she helps her children. Her heart’s desire is to see them succeed, to know God, and to grow to be caring and loving adults in their communities. She also sees the limitations of her work; her dream is to one day train others to care for more children so that all children in Kenya will have a safe and loving home. Donate Project Gallery

  • Contact | Voice Of Hope

    Contact the ON Team We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments please fill out this form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Donate Contact Us First Name Last Name Email Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Secure Housing | Voice Of Hope

    < Back Secure Housing It was common for our women to live in homes that had no security or protection from the elements. Many lived in homes that were falling apart. Personal hygiene was nearly impossible with no latrines or wash houses in which to bathe. Voice of Hope has taken it upon themselves to build new homes for all our women in the program or make the necessary repairs to allow them to sleep in a safe, dry, and secure home. Cooking customarily would be done inside the home, which compromises their living environment by causing respiratory issues over the years of breathing in smoke daily and damaging the tin roofs. This is why outside kitchens were built, as wood/fire is the main source of cooking. Prior to our women having latrines and wash houses, they would find a bush to relieve themselves, hoping nobody was around. If they had to bathe, it was a quick scrub outside the home, in the dark of night, frightful that there may be others watching and lurking in the bushes. Having a wash house with a lock provides a great source of comfort and security. All of our widows receive a latrine and wash house for bathing. All of our women live in a modest mud home, that is in keeping with the community of homes in their area. Our partners on the ground continually assess the homes and repair when needed. Doors and windows are reinforced, and locks are now being provided. All of our women are by themselves and to have a home that is safe and secure from intruders when they lay their heads down at night is a huge comfort to them and their children/grandchildren. For most of our families, sleeping on a mud floor with no bedding was their norm. We wanted to change this, knowing the positive impacts a comfortable sleep can provide; therefore, we provide beds, mattresses, and blankets. We believe a secure, safe, and comfortable home will bless our women immensely. Donate Project Gallery

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  • We are More than Conquerers

    Written by: Sue This is the day the Lord has made and we rejoiced and were glad in it! This morning we were blessed to worship with fellow believers at the Ceje Glory Center Church. Pastor Akal The message was based on Romans 8:37 “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us!” He had seven interesting points with lots of scripture backing. Conquerors: 1. Recognize their limitations, allow God to help. Ie Moses, Jeremiah 2. Have a positive mental attitude. Don’t be pessimistic ie the twelve spies. 3. Never expect everyone’s approval, only seek God’s approval. 4. A conqueror does not conform but seeks excellence. 5. A conqueror knows how to listen and accept criticism without losing sweetness. Separate destructive from constructive criticism Galations 2:12-13. 6. Give meaning to everything you do. Prayer has a purpose so pray with a purpose. 7. A conqueror knows when to say no. Resist the devil. Have an understanding spirit to discern what is right. The message had lots of practical tips. The singing was amazing and the fellowship sweet! We have now completed all of our widow visits and most of our project work. Tomorrow we will fly to Nairobi and visit Martha’s Shiphrah Home. After visiting Martha we will head to our overnight safari. Our trip is coming to an end and our thoughts are turning towards home.

  • Another Blessed Day

    Written by: Linda & Rebecca Today was Ladies’ Day similar to the previous one in Kakamega. We arrived at the Yogo Glory Centre as the first lady arrived, and we were able to go watch (and some played) with the students who were playing handball. The impromptu, drumming, singing, and dancing, were enjoyed by all. We made our way back to the building as the last few ladies arrived. The ladies sang beautifully for us and there were several speakers, including a talk on water treatment. The new ladies we are supporting received VOH shirts. Each lady was able to pick out two skeins of yarn after we all enjoyed a time of refreshment with a pop, Queencakes and a stroopwaffle. After a quick break, we spent the afternoon visiting 3 widows. We would appreciate you joining us in prayer for Eveline’s daughter Michelle. She lives at the boarding school she attends and is having nightmares every night. While we don’t know the exact cause of Michelle’s nightmares, there are potential underground dangers at boarding schools, including devil worship and lesbianism. Please storm the throne of our mighty God for Michelle that she may be relieved of her nightmares and that she will come to know the Lord as her Saviour and only source of true comfort. We enjoyed supper at Pastor Silas‘s house. Now we are heading off to bed so we can be prepared for church in the morning.

  • Soli Deo Gloria

    Written by: Carla Rather than walk you through each widow visit we had the privilege of doing this morning, I'll focus in on one and leave you to extrapolate as to the other 30some over the past week. My hope is you get a feel as to what it's like to be 'boots on the ground' ... It'll be a long one; sorry, not sorry! This is the first time a VOH team met Monica and her grandson Tyson; the widows in the Seje area have had 3 visits total already from the 2 field partners and the HFL liaison. Today we all learned she had 11 children, 9 of which have died. She elaborated she did not see it as a punishment from God or that it was her personal guilt contributing to these losses, but she could endure and continued to pray throughout that God strengthen her. She is now raising her grandchildren as a result. She acknowledged the goodness of the Lord and sees how it is Him Who gives them peace. Even in pain He consoles you, she affirmed. He gives a strength which she said is not normal, it is from the Lord. Whenever she goes to church and has the opportunity in her home, she encourages others. She reminded me of the portion of Matthew 12 regarding the tree being known by its fruits: 'For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks'. She was so happy to report they recently started a Seje women group to study the Bible together. When we dug a little deeper, we discovered both Tyson and Monica both need a Luo translation of the Bible (the Swahili version is too difficult and 'deep' for folks with lower education levels). When we discovered her eyesight was deteriorating, Helen gave her an extra pair of eyeglasses which absolutely delighted her because they made such a huge difference. The VOH field partners had already given them a bed, 2 blankets and a mattress. The males in her family sleep in the simba (a separate hut) with 3 men on one mattress, sharing one small blanket under a thatched grass house roof that leaks. They have to gather the mattress and their blanket when it rains and stand in a certain part of the room and wait until the rain passes. Monica's home needs new treated (to protect from termites) rafters and a metal roof, another 4 mattresses and 4 more blankets for the females of the family. Termites are eating the wooden rafters of the main house and the roof is leaking due to a few holes and the joints of the metal not being sealed. Further questions determined she cooks under a tree so we are proposing to make a kitchen house and use the old metal from her home for the roof on that. She has no wash house and also needs a latrine. Her water is currently being hauled from the river 4 km away twice a day. Her grandsons Tyson, Don or Felix haul the water by bike. We learned they drink untreated river water and confirmed Monica was coming for the educational sessions presented at the upcoming Women's Day where one of the topics deals with the need for and method of treating river water. Monica's shamba is 1.5 acres of land and she plants maize, sorghum and beans. VOH ordered soil tests to be done due to low yields in the past and determined it is very acidic soil and nutrient depleted. This information will be passed back up to VOH leadership and they will decide on the fertilizer and lime needed to increase her yield. Monica's only soft-spoken request was for post-secondary education fees for her granddaughter so she could continue on a career path; Monica knows her time is short and the biggest blessing would be that her grandchildren would get educated and be able to provide for themselves after she passes. Tyson prays, if the Lord allows, that he can go to driving school (a 6 month course) because there is good opportunity to get steady work with that qualification. One challenge is there is only one bicycle in the home... so if he needs it to get to his classes in the town 14km away, his cousins can't haul water with it and would have to walk. Every decision has so many consequences. What a privilege it is to again observe the relationship being built with the widows, the wisdom and stewardship mission organizations need to have as they evaluate and pray through the needs they are presented with. The field partners are invaluable; understanding the culture and all the nuances, translating for us and all the while leaving the recipients feeling valued, loved and with their dignity intact is an immense skill set. Please remember Everlyne, Cathy and Aggrey who continue to work for VOH between team and HFL visits. This afternoon we visited the Seje Glory Centre Academy and read Bible stories to the students, sang a few kid's songs, handed out soccer & tennis balls, frisbees & skipping ropes as well as bubbles & wands. What a joy for us ALL! Soli Deo Gloria.

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