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Another Blessed Day

Written by: Linda & Rebecca

Today was Ladies’ Day similar to the previous one in Kakamega. We arrived at the Yogo Glory Centre as the first lady arrived, and we were able to go watch (and some played) with the students who were playing handball. The impromptu, drumming, singing, and dancing, were enjoyed by all. We made our way back to the building as the last few ladies arrived. The ladies sang beautifully for us and there were several speakers, including a talk on water treatment. The new ladies we are supporting received VOH shirts. Each lady was able to pick out two skeins of yarn after we all enjoyed a time of refreshment with a pop, Queencakes and a stroopwaffle.

After a quick break, we spent the afternoon visiting 3 widows. We would appreciate you joining us in prayer for Eveline’s daughter Michelle. She lives at the boarding school she attends and is having nightmares every night. While we don’t know the exact cause of Michelle’s nightmares, there are potential underground dangers at boarding schools, including devil worship and lesbianism. Please storm the throne of our mighty God for Michelle that she may be relieved of her nightmares and that she will come to know the Lord as her Saviour and only source of true comfort.

We enjoyed supper at Pastor Silas‘s house. Now we are heading off to bed so we can be prepared for church in the morning.


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