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Health, Hygiene and Home Visits

Written by: Carla

We set the tone of the day by singing hymns together, cruising these beautiful red dirt roads...We are so grateful to Principal Justice Abuko who allowed us to come into his high school and address the Form 1 and Form 2 classes (equivalent to our Grade 9 & 10). One room held 140 boys and the other 152 girls. Each presentation covered various hygiene, Godly living and health education topics. We gifted the boys with backpacks which held a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a washcloth. The girls received the NRC ladies' sewn hygiene kits. What a huge blessing the VOH donors are; I hope you realize how much you're valued and also prayed for by the many served here. Praise God for inclining hearts to give! Please join us in praying for the government funding to come through for this school (they're $30,000 behind in payments), for food for the students (most have nothing available at home and depend on the tea and rice, maize or beans provided at lunch), teachers (they're needing to hire their own since the government isn't providing sufficient numbers), and strength for the students (it's extremely difficult to learn when their school days are 6:30am-5:45pm and they're not getting near enough food).

Our next visit was to Dr. Isaac's clinic where we dropped off a suitcase full of medical supplies from the Ontario donors. He is such a blessing to the VOH, the widows and their needs; he's basically on call 24/7 for Everlyne and Aggrey (our field partners).

Lillian and Pamela were the two home visits of the afternoon. Late in the afternoon we split into two groups to make supper at their homes. One group made chapatis at Florence and the other green grams at Melissa. What a delightful few hours of fellowship and food. Since our theme for this trip is LD#1 of the Heidelberg Catechism, we have had no shortage of Scripture to encourage one another about our only comfort in life and death.


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