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Time to Celebrate

by Lydia Langbroek

Today was our first full day at our new location, Siaya. It was a busy day, but fun. Our day started with a lovely buffet at our hotel and then off to a tour of the new Siaya Boarding High School, built to accommodate 144 students, split between boys and girls. It’s a massive, extremely well built school and it was exciting to see the progress being made.

After the school tour we went on to the Yogo school where we taught teen age girls and boys health and hygiene. Even though school was out they were able to get together 50 girls & 40 boys. A snack of mandazis (like a cake donut) and sodas was a hit with all the students after the presentation.

Leaving the school we went off to visit 5 of our widows. What a blessing these visits were, listening to the widows share their stories of when God helped them in their lives.

Our day ended with cake and coffee to celebrate Catherine’s birthday (our Siaya field partner).

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1 Yorum

Another wonderful day! So exciting! So happy to see the progress on the school! A miracle is being performed in front of these dear people! God has been so so good! 🤗 😍 🙏

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