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Education and School Tuition

It was apparent when other members of the widow’s family were expected to pay school fees, there were often gaps in support, which would result in the children missing school and falling behind.

Over the past few years, we have become more intentional in supporting the education of our women’s children.

Our field partners, Aggrey and Everlyne, conduct regular check ups with the schools to ensure attendance and progress.

We are taking steps to transition struggling high schoolers into polytechnic schools to learn a trade.

We have developed protocols for this assistance and have also extended assistance to several post-secondary students.

Esnas is an example of an elderly grandma struggling with school fees. She is 71 years old and has 6 grandkids that she feeds and tries to send to school.

Some of these grandkids have lost their mothers to illness and some of their mothers may be working in cities like Nairobi, trying to send money home. Tuition payments were made inconsistently, but with assistance from Voice of Hope, Esnas now sends her grandchildren to school regularly, without the burden of scraping together funds. Security in education can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty for many of these families.

On a recent visit Helen wrote: “Esnas came to us singing as we approached her home. The little ones look well and well loved.”

Arise & Shine School

The Arise and Shine ECD program was started by a compassionate woman named Beatrice who noticed children in her community were not attending any ECD programs.  With a desire to prepare them for school, she started a program for less fortunate children in her home.

Shortly after, Beatrice built a classroom and took in 45 children between the ages of 2-6. Many of these children do not have parents but are cared for by a guardian/family member.  

Through the support of Voice of Hope the school is now expanded to four classes, a kitchen/dining hall, a sturdy playground, clean latrines and wash houses, a fresh water well, stipends for teachers and cook and up to date curriculum.  

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