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Medical Support

Access to medical care has been a game changer for our women. Living such hard lives, often performing heavy, manual labour in the fields, brings with it a toll on their physical bodies.

Consuming a diet low in nutrients but high in empty carbohydrates and drinking polluted water often leaves their bodies riddled with parasites and water borne diseases. Unable to fight off the many maladies like h-pylori, malaria, HIV and many other tropical diseases.

Many of our women suffer from high blood pressure or other ailments, and yet they persevere through their hard labour day after day in the fields.

In the Kakamega region, Voice of Hope has teamed up with a local doctor and nurses who have a heart for our women.

Dr. Isaac makes home visits to assess our women. We have also hired a home care nurse, Lillian, with professional skill and a kind heart. She visits all our women who have medical issues.

In the Yogo area. Catherine, our field partner, teams up with Jacob Odour. Both are very capable nurses who do an amazing job of assessing and making appropriate health care plans for all of our women in this area.

Consistent medical care has had a huge positive impact for many of our widows. Take for example Helida. Helida is an elderly widow with congestive heart failure and significant problems which accompany this. Medications are just a confusing muddle for her with risks of missed dosages. Having medical guidance relieves some of the stress of this burden for her.

A caring and listening ear, someone to sort out meds that often confuse our older women, and the knowledge to proceed with medical intervention has brought relief and improved health to all of our ladies.

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